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Artist Statement

I am passionate about textiles in all their ceremonial and functional uses, in their sensuous physicality, visual opulence, and possibilities for manipulation. I explore textiles and related craft histories from earliest recovered fabric fragments, to how textiles have shaped and impacted almost every aspect of our cultures and civilizations. Following new technologies, I search alternate fabrics for dimensional shaping. Through stitching, shaping, assembling, I re-integrate broken genealogy, heritage, and humanity across constrained cross-border relationships. Engineering flat fabric into luminous architectural and biomorphic forms, I capture the impermanence of artifacts, and of life. Filtering through translucent shapes, reflecting off surfaces, light is a physical presence within my work, threading identity, potential, change and possibility as metaphysical counterparts.

Crafting luminous sculpture through meditative rhythms of a slow process, I understand self through life’s everyday shapes: bottles and cans as containers of family histories, as vessels of nostalgia, longing, absences; stones as witnesses to broken boundaries, artificial borders, family milestones markers. Pairing post-storm debris with shaped textiles, I connect to nature from microscopic plankton to giant trees, addressing parallels within human power structures that decide our geo-political and planetary futures.

I create order amidst chaos, serenity amidst turmoil, joy in perceiving objects magically transubstantiated into ethereal iterations of hope. My work embodies light irrespective of how dark the circumstances, especially traumatic losses and displacements through war and natural disasters.

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